Here are 5 ways to make decorating for the Holiday’s that much easier:

  1. Hang Wreaths Without Nails
    1. Utilize Command Hooks! Place the hook upside down on the inside of the door. Tie the ribbon around your wreath, lay it over the top of the door and loop it over the hook. This will minimize the damage caused by nail holes.
  2. Disguise Burnt Out Bulbs
    1. So you have spent 3 hours untangling all your string lights to find out that a few bulbs are dull. The best way to overcome this issue is to camouflage the dark spots. If you are decorating a tree or a bush, move the branches to cover the lights that are not so bright. Utilize other decorations to make your lights shine brightly.
  3. Create a Custom Centerpiece
    1. Instead of buying an intricate centerpiece, spend a few dollars at your local grocery store. You can buy a small potted plant and place it inside a large bowl. Fill the space around the pot with decorations that you may have around the house or items such as pine cones, ornaments or fresh fruit.
  4. Cookie Decorating Without the Mess
    1. Decorating cookies is a fun tradition, but usually comes with a big mess to clean up. At a local Dollar Store, you can purchase condiment containers. Use these containers for the icing to keep it under control!
  5. Ribbon Dispenser
    1. The best way to store your ribbons during gift wrapping season is with an item that you probably already have laying around! A paper towel holder has multiple possible uses. Slide different types of ribbon onto the holder and pull whichever type you prefer. This is will keep the ribbon organized and detangled.