Although it may be a room that is overlooked these days, there is something classic about having a dining room. This is where you gather for holidays, family celebrations, or weekly dinners. You want  this space to be both inviting and timeless. We have listed 6 items that will never go out of style.

Pedestal Table

If you have a small to medium space, a pedestal or tulip shape table is perfect. It is simple, so it will not overcrowd the eye of your visitors and there is plenty of leg space underneath.


When you think about a classic dining room, it is common you would imagine some moulding on the walls, wainscotting, or box panels. Adding elements like these can give you so many different feels depending on how you implement color and material. Regardless, they are timeless and elegant.

Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse design has been a trend everywhere lately when it comes to home design. While some may think it is fleeting, there are so many elements that are considered timeless. If you are going for a farmhouse style table in your dining room, try to get one with thinner legs. This will be more classic.

Upholstered Chairs 

Don’t go crazy when it comes to accents like chairs. You may think a trendy design will be fun but you will end up wanting to change them out after a year or two. Consider getting upholstered chairs not only for comfort for your guests, but for a timeless look. Stick to neutral colors.

Patterned Rugs

The best way to add different and exciting elements into your dining room is with the rug. The best part about patterns is that it is harder to see stains or dirt, which is a common problem people run into.

Statement Lighting

Whether you opt for a set of pendant lights or a show stopping chandelier, you need a statement piece in the dining room. Lighting is the best way to do so.

If you are looking to work on your dining room, these are great places to start! Share with us what you update.