Not having air conditioning is good if looked at from the right perspective. Your electricity bill will thank you for trying to find alternatives to stay cool this summer.


Here are some tips for this summer to keep you cool and refreshed without an AC:

  • Drinking Water at the Right Times :

Drinking water before sleeping is an old but effective trick. Sweating the whole night can cause dehydration and dizziness. A glass of water helps you remain hydrated while asleep. Also, drinking a glass of water after waking up boosts the metabolism. Water is the best coolant for the body, and it is crucial to have a sufficient intake. Hence, it is essential to drink water before sleeping and once you wake up.

  • Frequent showers:

Taking a cooler shower can be the easiest and fastest way to reduce the heat. In the morning when you take your regular shower, just turn the water temperature down a little bit. This will help you keep cool after you get out. At night, before bed, jump back in the shower for a minute to let the cold water hit you. Just be sure not to use too much water!

  • Use natural light:

Almost all types of light bulbs radiate heat to heighten the room temperature. Keeping curtains open all day to let in natural sunlight. Days are longer in the summer so there is more time for you to keep the light switches off.  Thin curtains allow light to pass in and pane window glasses protect against heat as well.

  • Cotton everywhere:

From shirts to pants to bed sheets, the best-recommended fabric is cotton. Cotton has holes in it for the air to pass, which provides perfect ventilation. It also absorbs the sweat, which helps to keep the body dry. On the other hand polyester, satin or silk fabrics do the opposite job. They trap the air and don’t let it pass. Also, light shades of colors attract minimum heat so try to avoid dark blue and black colored clothing to stay cool.