Real estate is again making a strong comeback after the recession. Nearly every type of home is gaining appreciation except the McMansions.

McMansions came into the picture in the 1980s. They were considered a luxury and hence they became the ‘dream house’ of many people. Since the beginning, McMansions were overpriced and oversized. They were constructed with a cheaper material but had fancy ornaments. They were a symbol of status and pride.

However, people after the recession started to realize the disadvantages of McMansions. They did not like the waste of space and resources that they project. Thus, there was a shift in the ideology of building castle-like homes to bigger isn’t always better.


What is the main problem with McMansions that people are criticizing?

  • They take up plenty of space

McMansions take up a considerable amount of space which damages the appeal of the other homes in the neighborhood.

The population is increasing, and the sizes of the families are decreasing. This has made people realize the importance of space. Many houses can be built in the space which gets eaten by the McMansions.

The thought of buying big houses excited people when McMansions came into the picture. But now, people have become more rational in utilizing their income. They do not want to spend a dime on the things they don’t find useful. Therefore, people do not like the idea of spending dollars on the space they cannot use.


  • They have a poor architectural design

McMansions generally lack symmetry and architectural rhythm. The only motive behind their design is to make everything look grand. Resources used are cheap so that more and more elements can be added to it. There is often a mismatch in the pattern which makes things look complex. Also, most of the decorative components are useless.

The complex structure and cheap yet fancy elements like a low-quality grand chandelier might have attracted people in 80s. However, now people believe in quality and not quantity. Hence, the elaborate design of McMansions is facing much criticism.


  • They are difficult to maintain

The exaggerated size of McMansions makes it difficult to maintain them. They are built from the low-quality material, and hence they need frequent repairs. Cleaning the McMansion and maintaining the garden is also a challenging job.


  • They seriously affect the natural environment of the surrounding area

More than 3,000 square feet of land is cleared while constructing McMansion for one family. It is ironic that natural greenery is damaged to create artificial gardens. These lawns may look attractive at first sight but, their maintenance uses chemicals such as pesticides.

A lot of ineffective elements are added to McMansions make the structure look flashy and magnificent. Resources which can be for other productive purposes get wasted because of this.

In recent decades people have understood that McMansions are not a good option to invest in.

On the other hand, small and affordable houses are becoming popular even among the affluent class. This shift is because people are alienating from material things and are focusing more on the future prospects.

While McMansions are a symbol of social status for one class, they are mocked by people who have good architectural taste, believe in the environment and maintain a healthy budget. Moving away from McMansions has become a revolutionary trend.