Decorating a home is not cheap. Especially when the decor that is chosen is hundreds of years old. A new trend is sweeping the nation. Costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, wealthy homeowners are trying to make their new homes look old. The inspiration for this trend began when the reclaimed wood flooring was popular, but it has now shifted to architecture and artifacts.

Everyone wants to be unique and the best way to do so is with one of a kind pieces. Homeowners are finding items in run-down buildings and junkyards and spending a ton of money to have the right people implement them into the home correctly. It is not easy to make these antique pieces fit in, it has to be perfectly done.

Joel Zettler, the owner of Oley Valley Architectural Antiques in Denver, Pa. said that his demographic of customers has shifted. They once consisted of a restaurant, hotel and commercial venue owners but now almost all of them are homeowners. His customers come to him for antique wooden bars from old hotels and saloons that sell for $50,000 to $200,000.

Most newly built houses have the same look and feel. Homebuyers are starting to branch out and showcase their own style with these ancient pieces. It brings a new sense of interest to the home. The only issue is how much time and money it takes for these pieces to be integrated. A couple in Pennsylvania purchased stained glass windows from an 1870s church and it took almost a year for the glass to be prepared for installation. They paid $4,000 for the windows but $15,000 to get them installed. Professionals say that these artifacts should be used more for design and look not for function. This will cost less money and less time to prepare.

What do you think about the trend? Are you into hunting for old hidden gems or do you prefer new modern designs?