Interior Designers have already begun thinking about trends for the coming year. 2018 was the year of banquette seating and two-toned kitchen cabinets but 2019 has a whole new combination of trends. Here are the top trends to look out for in the kitchen:

  1. Contrasting Textures:
    1. A combination of contrasting textures and sleek finishes will be popular in the kitchen this coming year. Ideas floating around are mirrored backsplashes with chunky marble worktops, and cupboards with textured bronze inlays and matte fronts to name a few.
  2. Raw Materials:
    1. Wood, stone, shiplap and jute will make a stand in 2019. Kitchen design will go back to the basics and raw materials will shine through on their own.
  3. Integrated Appliances:
    1. You no longer need to see appliances poking out around the kitchen. The sleek, seamless look is the new design trend. Induction cooktops, fridges in cabinets, and slim automatic stove hoods will be common.
  4. Digital Technology:
    1. A digital kitchen will continue to showcase new innovations. Homeowners will be able to have appliances that are specifically targeted to their tastes. There are wifi-enabled coffee makers that can prepare a cappuccino before your alarm goes off.
  5. Hunter Green:
    1. Hunter green paint screams classic, welcoming, warm and cozy kitchens. Walnut wood and leather door pulls are the perfect compliment to hunter green. This color is predicted to be huge in 2019.
  6. Tall Backsplashes
    1. Luxurious kitchens will upgrade the height of their backsplashes. Taller backsplashes are becoming more popular than the traditional heights.