Sharing a closet with someone else can be quite the battle. Trying to fit two entire wardrobes into one space is not an easy task. To avoid a compatibility uproar, check out these space and time saving ideas.

  1. Floating Shelves

Having shelf space is going to be important for a closet shared by two people. You have many options with a floating shelf. You can mount it low to act as a dressing table, or mount multiple to display bags and shoes.

2. Laundry Done Right

Make your life easier when it comes to laundry. Get a few hampers to organize your dirty clothes each day. When it is time to do it all, you will be able to easily take out each hamper when it is time to do that load. Make sure you hang up your clothes as soon as the laundry is done to avoid any potential clutter on the ground.

3. Go Vertical

Try to maximize your space with built in fixtures. Rods, shelves, and drawers paired together can make your closet both organized and expensive looking. With multiple layered rods there will be more room for clothing. Did you know that coated wire closet systems don’t collect dust the way that solid shelves do?

4. Organization is Key

Find a home for each item. Get hanging shoe racks to use for items such as workout gear or pajamas. Get dividers and bins for bags and wallets. Display your shoes on a rack below your low rod.