Although kitchen remodels can be the priciest of home renovations, there is a way to do it on a budget! Here are 5 ways that you can upgrade your kitchen space without breaking the bank.

1. Rethink the layout: Are your appliances set up in a way that makes the most sense? If you have guests over frequently or a large family, you want to make sure that things are not in the way. There may be a better layout for your island or it may make more sense to move the dishwasher next to the sink. The kitchen is one of the most frequented places in a home so you want to make sure that the flow you have works.

2. Paint the cabinets: Instead of spending a ton of money on new cabinets, update them with paint. You would be shocked to see what a new paint color can do to old cabinets. This can make the kitchen look brand new and more cohesive.

3. Open shelving: If you want to add a new element of design to the kitchen, think about taking the door off of the cabinets. A hot kitchen trend these days is to have open shelving. A nice display of your dishes and glasses can change the design look of the space easily.

4. Choose certain appliances to replace: Unless all of your appliances are falling apart, pick and choose which to upgrade. If you know that a new stove is the more important, stick to just that. A kitchen can be simply upgraded with one change, especially if it is a focal point like a stove or a refrigerator. If you want to aesthetically upgrade the other appliances, try paint or magnetic panels.

5. Adapt: Your current kitchen definitely has potential. You need to find that areas that you can DIY into something unique and different than what you currently have. Certain structures can be turned into something completely different. For example, cabinets can be turned into pull out trash barrels or islands can be turned into hooks for keys and towels.