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About Me

About Terry Sack

Terry has lived in Newton his entire life (well, OK, not for his first two years, but he doesn’t remember them, anyhow, and he only lived one city away, in Waltham) and both of his parents have spent their entire lives in Newton and Brookline (except for those two Waltham years). He graduated from Newton South High School (Class of ’85) after having attended Spaulding (now Memorial-Spaulding) Elementary and Meadowbrook Junior High School (now Brown Middle School).

While at Newton South, he founded a school newspaper that survives to this day as the only print edition of a newspaper at the school.

He succeeded his mother in having graduated from all three institutions. Terry didn’t travel far to attend college, going back to his brief hometown of his infancy, Waltham, where he attended Brandeis University and graduated with a BA in American Studies in only three years. So, I guess you could conclude that Terry knows the area. In fact, while at Brandeis, he even took some classes at Tufts University, getting to know that area just north of Boston quite well, too.

Want to challenge his knowledge of Newton? Ask him where any street in Newton is, and there are a lot of them, with even some of the same street names appearing in more than one area of the city, and he will know where it is. He’ll likely even tell you which of the 11 Newton zip codes in which the street is located.

After spending the years following his college graduation in the baseball card and memorabilia business, which he had developed as a business since his early teenage years, in 1996, Terry decided to go back into real estate, a field in which he had spent some time working in college, and he has been at it ever since.

Over the years, Terry has become a specialist in building and zoning, having worked with a number of builders, renovators and developers. He enjoys the challenge of looking at a property and trying to figure out ways of adding value to it. Sometimes the answer is to just sit on it, but if there is a possibility of adding value to a property by either adding a residential unit, knocking it down and starting again, subdividing the land, or acquiring an additional adjacent lot, Terry will quickly realize that and will make recommendations to a number of builders and developers for whom he thinks that the project may be appropriate. Often, he will find a property that could just use a complete makeover as the best way to add value, and will just look to find the appropriate buyer for such a property.

After many years of finding under-utilized properties and making such property recommendations to others, he decided to take a stab at development on his own. Over the past decade plus, Terry has renovated, condoized or developed a number of properties in his own development company, Cabot Homes, LLC, averaging about one project per year.

As a broker with 20+ years of experience, Terry counts both Buyers and Sellers among his clients. In addition to selling to builders and then representing them on the sale of a new or renovated property, Terry has represented his old neighbors in the sales of their homes. He also particularly enjoys working with people new to Boston and showing these transferees the diverse communities in the area. He is not afraid to leave his usually territory, either, having sold property as far as an hour outside of his usual territory, venturing out to Worcester and Essex Counties in prior transactions. The education on the property in other areas can only help to add to his own perspective on comparing one area to another, a knowledge of which will be to the benefit of his clients.

Outside of real estate, Terry is a huge baseball fan! He is a longtime season ticket-holder of the Red Sox, and has been coaching youth baseball for 35 years in Newton. Terry has also served as a Little League president for fourteen years, and still serves on the local league board as a general board member. As a die-hard Red Sox fan, Terry still divides references in his life to pre-Championship (2004) and post-Championship years.